About XQB

Guangzhou small knitting children clothing line, opened in Guangzhou, Zhongshan Ba ​​Lai lake the first floor of the building in April 2004, and registered the brand of “small series”, the mass of hair other than “small series” brand children’s clothing. After three years of effort, the company has with agents in major cities nationwide sales network covering the cities and towns throughout the country, while the products are sold to Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions. 2007, compact compilation of brand strategic plan to promote the brand, the unification of all terminal image: showcase, store, POP, and continue to gain market share at the same time and proceed with internal management to enhance the integration of quality management system. The introduction of foreign first-class clothing design and edition process, from children’s clothing design, fabric choice, children’s clothing production and various aspects of the implementation of the Europe and the United States and China on environmental protection requirements, to ensure that small knitting children’s clothing to become the majority of children love and trust products. Small compilation will be the majority of Chinese children fashion, green, healthy and quality products.